With roughly 120 stores – spread across three levels – the retail spectrum of this venue will accommodate the needs of many thousand people who one day will live, work and hang out in the area around the Mercedes-Benz Arena. For the densely populated environment, the people working at “Oberbaum City” east of the quarter, and the office workers of the headquarters of Universal, Coca Cola, and MTV/Viva along Stralauer Allee, this new retail centre will play a vital role in day-to-day life. Moreover, the popular site of the East Side Gallery, which attracts three million tourists from all over the world, counts among the most heavily frequented sights in Berlin.

The new Leisure World with its high daily footfall will open in fall 2018. The EAST SIDE MALL will therefore provide a comprehensive non-discretionary retail line-up in addition to fashion and fitness. A large and richly varied food court will elevate the gastronomy of the quarter to a new level.

1.5 million visitors p.a.
Real estate
development volume (c.):

Total: 750,000 sqm GBA
250,000 sqm GBA office
150,000 sqm GBA residential
115,000 sqm GBA residential/hotel
90,000 sqm GBA residential/office
55,000 sqm GBA entertainment
90,000 sqm GBA retail

GLOBAL Meets Local.

EAST SIDE MALL is located in one of the most popular and most highly frequented areas of Berlin. Situated directly in the neighbourhood, the East Side Gallery attracts 3.2 million visitors annually, while Mercedes-Benz Arena draws 1.35 million, and the “Warschauer Strasse” underground/rapid transit station is used by around 90,000 commuters a day. Indeed, it is an area equally popular among locals and visitors from all over the world.


The transportation access of the new mall is just as perfect as its location. The “Warschauer Strasse” underground/rapid transit station, which is used by 90,000 commuters and generates extra footfall, is located in the immediate vicinity. Several arterial roads pass in direct proximity of the property. Another aspects that makes the EAST SIDE MALL particularly attractive to motorists is its proprietary underground car park of 760 parking spots.

Perfect Accessibility.

The access options of EAST SIDE MALL are ideal. The “Warschauer Strasse” underground/rapid transit station and the popular East Side Gallery are just a few steps away. Several driveways from Mühlenstrasse and Warschauerstrasse provide access for motorists.